EXO for Nature Republic - Lip Color Swatches

While walking past Nature Republic, I saw a poster... a poster I really wanted... EXO members all donned in light colored suits staring sexily (ok to me... ok?) into the camera... So with my beau in tow, I ran into Nature Republic frantically walking around looking for a sign of how to get this poster. A sales associate asked me if I needed help and I quickly brushed her off, still looking, then it hit me I can just ask her. At first she thought anyone can get it for free, but after she asked the cashier, it turns out you have to make a $20 purchase to get one.

My mission began as I dragged my beau around the store, testing every product I think I might like. Unlike Etude House, the packaging wasn't super cute. It was aimed for for that natural, organic (though  I don't think are not organic. They are however, 3 non added formula products) look. After tons of swatches, and contemplating between items, I decided on a lipstick and a lipgloss. I wanted a orangey nude lipstick like Ga In's in "Bloom," so I thought the two I bought would help me achieve this.

I misplaced my receipt, but if I recall the lipstick was about $13.60 and lip gloss around a $12 price range. A bit pricey, but worth it to get my pretty poster that I protected all night, making sure no one crushes or rips it. The lady almost didn't give me my poster until I had to remind her. I think she wanted to keep it all for herself :P Hey, even two pretty boys bought items to get the poster!

After obtaining my poster, I kind of forgot about these lip products I bought until a few days later. So upon opening the lipstick (Provence Long Lasting Lip Stick in CR111), I received a pleasant surprise. Since the tester in the shop has been so used up and had no cap, I did not see this coming. The lipstick tube design is a beautiful ombre from white to clear, which really contemplates the shape as it gets more slender at top. Then once opened, I get a even better surprise. The lipstick is carved into a rose design at the top! Made me kind of sad to use it, didn't want to ruin the pretty rose.

But looks can be deceiving. No matter how pretty the design is, the product itself wasn't so good. Swatched on my hand it had a bit of orange/peachy tint, but on my lips it was more just nude. Not only was the color kind of "dead" looking, but it was so matte that it was dry looking! However, it does provide good coverage. Upon using it the second time, I pressed harder and it performed better. Definitely not worth the price (I can find similar ones from American brands just without the pretty packaging, but half the price), but maybe a different color would have been better. The lipstick also looked a bit darker than in store, so it might also have been the sales associates gave me the wrong color.

The Provence Blossom lip gloss in shade 1 on the other hand was very juicy, but had a medicinal taste/scent to it. Kind of like cough syrup. It wasn't as pigmented as I hoped, the orange tint didn't show up as much. Though I do like how it is more moisturizing and plumping than the lipstick. The packaging is very modern and clean.

Although each product by itself wasn't as good as I wished it to be, I liked it used together. Slightly darker than what I wanted, but close to the look of what I was looking for.

Though I would've preferred the black suit version, but I didn't see those available in the one I went to.

Since EXO is the new face of Nature Republic, they also threw in product placement in their newest music video, "Miracles of December". Which is by far my most favorite song right now! I can listen to it forever and not get bored. I even got my beau to get addicted to it :P Although they showed more of Nature Republic in the Korean version, I like the flow of the Chinese words better, so I'm sharing that one with you on my blog. (Also to help them get more hits on that one hehe. And I like Luhan more than D.O.) And seeing as today is the last day of Christmas, I made this post just in time! (Actually I've been meaning to write up this review but got lazy... sorry, better late than never, right? :P)


  1. Thanks for the honest review! I've always wondered what the lipsticks are like since the actual product and the tester always seem a little different. I'm looking forward to reading more from you in the new year!



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