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My first outfit for the new year of 2015! Decided to dress up in my favorite combination of cropped top and flared skirt for my first hang out of the year. Went to a really cute cafe that opened up recently with my bestie Katherine. Photos from that will be posted up next :D We also tried out my newest camera, a really cute mint one that I'll dedicate a post to soon.
I love thigh high socks but sometimes it's annoying as it can roll downwards (anyone can tell me how to prevent this?), so these tights that has the thigh high socks knitted in is my perfect solution. Not only do I prevent the slipping of the socks, I don't have to worry about cold thighs. Paired with booties with leather straps that when reflecting light, is a charcoal gray to match the tights.

Cropped tops and flared skirts is a really flirty combo, but remember to choose a high waisted knit skirt. That way it's not too revealing but still really cute. I really love this sweater cropped top, it creates texture and isn't too short. As many of my readers know, I love interesting jewelry so I paired with this double chain ring and dropped necklace.

To create a monochrome look, I layered shades of gray from the socks, tops to my jacket. I love this textured coat with leather and fur details. What was you first outfit of the year? :)

Cropped Top | Similar Skirt one, two



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