Big Bear Bubble Tea & Crepe Elmhurst Review

A new cafe popped up in Elmhurst. I walked past it frequently on errands, and wanted to try it out as it seemed really cute (bears <3!!). So finally, I dragged my bestie Katherine with me one day to try it out. Since we both loved Panda Cafe, we were sure we would enjoy this cafe as well. Since it's a cute bear cafe, I decided to wear this cat headband I bought but never wore. Don't judge me :P

Big Bear Bubble Tea's environment is nice and cozy, making it a great spot for hanging out with friends. However, there is only four tables so it's quite small, but the cute atmosphere and interior decorations make up for it. The yellow and cream color scheme works well with the grassy wall decor. This is their second shop, their main shop is in Woodside, which is bigger. 

How their table look and size comparison. It's a bit small, but the color and style went well with the rest of the interior.
On previous days, I didn't see any customers but since the weather was nice today they had quite few in waves. We waited a bit until it cleared out and had only one customer left, the staff's friend. There was only one staff making the wait time was a bit longer. That's why but the time we got our drinks, it was not hot anymore since she had to make that and the crepes herself.  She says usually there's two of them when the weather gets warmer. She was very nice and helpful with our questions, and handled the customer traffic well. It was pretty clean since customers trash their own paper utensils and cups.

Drink Menu

The price is average for the neighborhood. You can also order to go as we saw a few customers did. They had a lot of different flavors and toppings for the drink menu. They also had hot and cold drinks, depending on your preference. The cold drinks came in two sizes, whereas the hot only had one. Their cup holder is super cute (see image below!)

So many choices, what to choose!?
There were many choices for the sweet crepes, and a few special savory crepes. I went with the Almond choco banana and opted out of the whip cream. I didn't taste the almond much since it was crushed, however there was a good amount of chocolate. The few banana pieces were thinly sliced so I wished they could've put a bit more in. Beware however, towards the end the chocolate started dripping out of the paper holder.

To see the insides better, watch the video!
The crepes were placed in a triangular paper holder to hold it's cone shape, and were more of the crunchy type on top, like a fortune cookie or French cookie. As we got to the center, it became softer and chewier. I actually really liked the texture of mine when it got to that point, maybe because I am more used to softer crepes.

Katherine ordered the Strawberry custard without whip cream, but they were out of custard so she replaced it with Nutella. However, there was only a thin layer of Nutella so she thought they could've put a bit more to balance out the strawberries. There was a lot of strawberries and tasted fresh with a mixture of sweet and a bit of tartness. They were cut in good sizes with no big pieces. However, towards the center, Katherine had to take it out of the holder. It was probably because we let the crepe sit in the holder for too long and got soft and stuck to the paper. It would've been easier to eat if it was on a plate instead.

Katherine ordered the honey milk tea and it tasted exactly as it sounded. The milk was frothy and had just the right amount of sweetness. Although it was nothing special, it tasted good and went well with the crepe.

I just wanted to do Tao's aegyo pose...
I ordered Matcha green tea and asked for no sugar. She said it would be bitter but was only bitter at the end because it was either not mixed well or the powder settled by the time I got it. It was sweet with only a small hint of matcha taste, more towards the bottom. The sweetness, really reminds me of the green tea mochi I had at Haru Sushi. So it kind of tasted like green tea fragrance, I won't be getting this again but really want to try their Thai Iced tea next time. Also, there was no froth in my tea.

Overall its a cute cafe that I would bring my friends to try different drinks since they had so many flavors and toppings to choose from. If you're hungry, you can pair your drinks with one of their many crepes, or their hot buns with dipping sauce that I really want to try next! You can visit them on Yelp and their website. Their address for this 8115 Broadway, Queens, NY 11373.

Ok here is a normal picture of me... sorry for the puke inducing photos before XD
(Disclaimer: This review is our honest opinions, we bought the food & drinks ourselves.)


  1. Great, honest review! This place looks so cute and I liked seeing the actual pic of the food - sometimes you can't trust the pics the store posts lol I'm looking forward to more food reviews!

  2. Food looks delicious definitely going to try it! Great job !



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