"Light Fight" - Kevin Lynch's House 2013

Who knew that there was a national "Light Fight" competition and that there were many participants around NYC! I recently heard of it through a friend, so my boyfriend and two photographers friends decided to bare the cold winter night to take some photos. We were lucky as we got the very last day, and the very last photo with the owner Kevin Lynch in front of his amazingly decorated house.

Little plastic nutcrackers marching down his lawn.
His house was perfectly situated at the corner of a Whitestone street, giving it two visible sides of the street. He took 6 weeks to cover it in 300,000 lights to meet the deadline of the competition. Ranging from nutcrackers, to deers and bears, santa and Snoopy, his house displayed all sorts of Christmas decorations.

Despite the cold, he greeted us warmly with a big smile asking if we got all the photos we wanted as it's time to shut it down for the season. We got one last photo with him (and had some self timer fail haha -_-), and before parting he said with a twinkle in his eye "Wait until you see what I'll have for next year." He decided he will put it up earlier next year in September so people can enjoy it in warmer weather and not freeze our fingers off. Well it was mainly out fault for going on such a cold day but so worth it!
Group shot!

I love this shot, we got lucky with the wind blowing my hair.
Upon doing some research, his house did in fact win first place on the Dec 9th episode, taking home $50,000. He definitely deserved it for the great work he and his family put into decorating it. Plus he was a very humble and humorous man! (I hope that amount paid off for his electricity bills though... I can't imagine how much it costed to light up throughout the Holiday Season)
I used to love nutcrackers in cartoons and movies when I was young.
I look like a little kid here hahaha... but that doll hanging there kind of scares me, sorry :X

His neighbor's lights.


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