EXO "Overdose" MV Released!

OKKK I was about to post about events/auditions I went to the past week, but I just had to brush everything aside once again becauseee EXO's new MV is finally released!! After all the delays, we fans welcome it with big arms. I saw the news on my way to my dance class for none other, "Overdose", but don't have much data left T^T So had to resist the urge....

Finally back from class, I got to watch it and I am mind blown~ It exceeded my expectations. I really liked how it was panned, zoomed in and out, and how one scene changed into the next so smoothly because the face was in the same place. I used to think, man that is hard to film! But after learning filming/editing myself, I think they could've cropped, resized, budged the videos so that it does that.

I love the maze and the very classy location scene (not the geometric room), the best. Not only because of the background, but I like them wearing those type of outfits. Don't get me wrong, I like them in the sporty attire too since they are young, but omg... that bucket hat really gets me... It's like a baby's hat...

I watched EXO-K's first since it appeared first for me, and was it only me that was surprised when Chen's face popped out? I was like la la la EXO-K.. hey wait, he doesn't belong! Neither does Luhan... I saw their showcase where they performed together but I thought they were doing it separately as EXO-K and M, but I'm glad it's done together :D

And of course, my bias always gets me... Tao is soo sexy, those close ups killed me. His dance expressions are the best, really matches the emotion of the song. I'm also glad he got more screentime and danced in front rather than always Lay and Luhan for M. Though K is always still Kai... -_- I hope they do't abuse Tao's flipping ability, don't want him to get injured >_< I really like Luhan's hair in this, the color is rich and the cut suits him and look more manly ;)

The overall acting in the black and white maze, I thought Kris had the right emotion out of all of them. And can I say, Suho really matches his new blonde hair, and make me like him more ;) (Maybe I am just bias towards blonde...) The scene where he bangs on the imaginary force field reminds me of Hunger Games haha. Lay also looks a lot more refined and handsome now, I think the dark rich colored hair suits him so well. Because come on, he's like the prince (though kind of lost most of the time, but still has the prince aura!)

The idea of after breaking the imaginary force field, it is Suho in the next scene (Xiumin for the M) is great. Ties the beginning to the actual song. I still can't over how they got Suho to be on the top of the X for EXO formation. Maybe he grew out of his fear of heights aww~

I liked how they transition from just M or K to the next group, where in M they had Luhan slide across to front of camera the K rolled in, zoomed in on Luhan then panned to K. Then to have both groups come back together, they have Tao and Kai do the pokey cheek in front of camera. Sooooo cuteee... I die.

Chen's hair is also a cool haircut, different than his mushroom hair haha. Kris's hair is cool as always, and Xiumin's pink hair so prettyyy * 0 * Goes well with Tao's blue hair. I thought I wouldn't like it, but he actually looks really cool with it. However, it makes it look kind of fried T^T I hope they can all take a break from all the hair dyeing, it's not healthyyyy T^T

I don't get the little light they threw around, but I do like when they played with the camera as if they held it and tilted it, threw it up etc. It's something I want to try incorporating in my next lookbook video.

This is definitely my FAVORITE comeback of their's so far. That's why when I saw the dance school offer this dance, I KNEW I HAD TO DO IT even though I think guys dances are so hard. Surprisingly to me, "Overdose" is easier than "Mr.Mr." Maybe it's because I'm more passionate about it?

I do apologize if my post is more M bias, but I am a bit more M bias because my biases are all in M :P I do wish Chanyeol (one of my bias) got more screentime >_<!


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