VIB Rouge Day at the Bite Lip Lab

The color I got at the end, it's such a beautiful nude peach!!
Is there a lip color you've been dying to find, but with every swatch of a lipstick that resembles it, brings you no closer? Maybe bright yellow or blue? I do, just not the bright yellow or blue - the perfect nudy pink with orange under tone that Ga In wore in her "Bloom". I have bought so many different nudy pink lipsticks (now half my lipstick is full of this shade...), yet I was not satisfied. I had to mix lipsticks and lipgloss to get a shade remotely close to it.

Lip color lovers!

Well, luckily for me I received a Sephora VIB Rouge Day event, inviting us to the Bite's SoHo boutique to create a complimentary personalized shade of Bite Lipstick. I got there close to 12:45 and waited on the line, fortunately there were only about 5 girls in front of me waiting to get in.

As my turn approached, one of the Bite employees invited me and the girl behind me to get a sneak peak of the Fall 2014 Collection. She swatched the matte cream lip crayons for us, and allowed us to try the new agave lip mask champaign. The colors were all really beautiful, and moisturizing as well.

Then we were introduced to the Bite Lush Lip Wipes. They were strong enough to remove the boldest shades, yet gentle enough to use over and over without drying out the lips. She said the idea came from the fact they had to try on so many lip colors and were over drying their lips as they removed each shade. Since the other client was allergic to some ingredients, the employee told us how that's how Bite came along - the CEO was also allergic to certain ingredients and created a more natural line.

Color inspiration!
After a bit more waiting, I was finally introduced to my bite color technicians, Stephanie. She finished up the previous girl's lipstick while I got comfortable and stared all the jars of colors in front me. Stephanie returned and asked what color and finish (matte, cream or sheer) I was looking for, to make it easier I showed her photos of the shade I wanted.

She quickly selected 3 colors she thought would work, scooped them out and mixed them on the palette. With a cleansed lip brush, I tried it on. With her expert eyes she said there were too much white in it, and remixed a new shade. I tried it on again, and after a bit of blotting she nodded in approval. It was quite a beautiful shade, not too nude that would wash me out, and just enough pink and orange tint to the nude. A nice nude peach!

Not only did we get to choose the color and finish, we could put a scent to it, there were seven choices ranging from mangos to vanilla, I chose my favorite - rose. Then I got to watch the fun process of how a lipstick is made. She went to the cabinet full of colorful truffle like pigments and scooped out the colors she needed for my shade, and microwaved it. After adding in the rose fragrance, into the swirly mixing machine (sorry I don't know the name :P). Once it was mixed well, she poured it into the lipstick mode and let it cool down on an iced surface. It was awesome seeing how a lipstick is made, now I know what goes on in a lipstick factory (sort of...).

Cooling down

Swatch on my hand is surprisingly darker than on the lips!
Once it was cooled, she placed it into a bite lipstick holder - the matte gunmetal shade you might have seen at Sephora - and into a cute little Bite bag. It was fast, but a fun experience to create my own shade and watch it from creation to finish. Thanks to Sephora for giving me the chance to try out Bite Lab. I've always been curious what it was when I walked past, but didn't know it was a personalized lipstick shop! I'll definitely be back for more colors ;)

In case anyone liked the color I got, here is the formula! :)
Sorry I was inspired by the lips on the wall to do this too :P


  1. It's so cool that you got to make your own lipstick! I wanna see how it's made too now lol

    1. Yes it's really fun!! We can go together next time ;) I want a Barbie pink lipstick haha :P



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