{ Antique Blue } Floral Flared Dress

Two weekends ago, I went with my good friend and one of the first photographers I ever worked with, Sandy Chen, to the MET museum. We wanted to catch the Charles James: Beyond Fashion exhibit before they unfortunately closed this past weekend. Since we're going to a place that houses lots of antiques, I decided to dress as an antique too :P Well, with a few modern touches.

{ antique blue } #JCYstyle #10seclookbook more photos of the outfit and the MET trip with sandy up on the blog! Http://bit.ly/judycyangx

Photos & video taken by Sandy Chen Photography.
The dress features a floral pattern, but instead of the smooth surface of a vase it resembles, it had texture making it more interesting. To break up the top and bottom, I added a black belt with a golden knob, reflecting the gold hardware of my quilted bag with a twist. The bag isn't really quilted, but more like a weaved design. Since there was already a lot going on with the patterns and textures, I chose a simple black sandals that had some gold hardware to tie it all up.
Dress - Boutique
Belt - asos
Shoes - Boutique
Bag - Forever21 (similar one, two)
Rings - Forever21

Kind of reminds me of ninja shoes 8D
As for the exhibit, it was really inspiring. His designs were simple and elegant, something I aspire to be hehe. I love the ribbon dress as you can see how hard it would be make a form fitting dress out of 6" wide silk to hug a women's curve, and sewing it must have been a pain (I've sewn plenty of silk when I studied fashion design. But nothing beats chiffon... oh god... I had to hand sew over 30+ yards...).

I also loved the lace clover style dress, the lace was placed strategically to make the waist appear smaller and from afar it reminds me of a monarch butterfly. Someone also said "He loved making dresses that makes the butt look bigger," which was kind of true. There were a lot with bustle like backs that makes it protrude more. This exhibit, unlike the Alexander McQueen, allowed us to take photos and had a lot of his quotes all over - on mirrors and glass - and had two floors! It was an amazing experience. 

How every artist feels!
Why women are so addicted to makeup and beautiful clothes.
Looks like they are talking among each other.
Love the layers and layers of tulle! I can just hide under it 8D
So beautiful!
Definition of sexy = mystery.
One of his most complicated but beautiful designs.
Reminds me of a flower!
Beautiful drawings.


  1. I love how his designs drape so nicely! Thanks for sharing the pics for those who couldn't go to the exhibit and I like how you tied in the black and gold of your belt =]



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