EXO 2014 "Overdose" Comeback - Kris, Chanyeol, Chen, Suho, Baekyhyun, Xiumin Teaser Photos

Their new track title has been released! It's titled "중독/中毒 Overdose". The name already has a nice ring to! Good choice ;) The song will be an urban hip-hop and R&B dance song by The Underdogs and Kenzie. So now I'm wondering how the photo teasers and concept will relate to the song itself. I can see that the blurriness, reflections, and switch between black and white can be how we see things when we are overdosed.

Here's part two of teasers, my first post was here if you missed.

My favorite is definitely Kris' photo, and no it's not because he is one of my bias. But I just really like the mood they captured him in!

They will also be having concerts in April, looking forward to their new activities, but hope they get enough rest! Which member's teaser is your favorite? :)


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