EXO-K & EXO-M "Overdose" MV Teaser Released

Waking up the best comeback (to me anyways haha) is awesome! 8D See my previous post with teaser photos here and here.

Despite all the problems with leaked dance practice and song, SM released their MV teasers for EXO-K and EXO-M.

EXO-M 上瘾(Overdose)

I am sooo addicted to their new song, I can't stop replaying it and can't wait for their full MV and comeback stage performances.  I don't mind an overdose of EXO ;)

What I like about the styling is it shows both sides of EXO - the street, casual side that they also do a lot of clothing ads for, and the handsome, suited up side they wear for performances at times. Then some of the members have hair changes, Suho looks really awesome with blonde hair!! And I'm surprised he's at the top of the "O" of EXO in beginning. From watching their shows, he was always afraid of everything, and height was one of them. Maybe that Chinese variety show that had him fall down and into his members arm helped overcome his fear? I also like Tao's new hair (hey.. I'm his bias ok...), although I wish he will stop bleaching it for health sake, the short hair is a nice change. I never would've imagined him with short hair!

Tao with baby growl~
The dancing is really cool, and the filming style is similar to how Growl was, the members played with cameras, it will switch from side to side, etc. The part where half the members are kneeling and the other half is kind of controlling them from the back is different from their other types of dances, and is really cool, fitting the song's name.

What I liked most is the shots outside of the dance sequences. The maze scene is really dark but really shows the "overdose" idea of being stuck in that world. I especially liked the part for Kris and they zoomed out, showing a HUGE maze. Although the setting for the dance sequences can be seizure inducing with all the flashing lights, again the pattern on the wall and lights is kind of how one might feel and see when they have too much of something. So I like how they used the settings to create this feeling for their new concept.

So now we will just have to wait impatiently for the release of the actual MVs!!!


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