EXO 2014 Comeback - Tao, Sehun, Luhan & Kai Teaser Photos

OH EM GEE~ I was going to post about something else this week, but before I finish it I threw my hands up when I saw EXO's newest teasers for their April comeback!! It's so shinyy... and pretty.. ok maybe not, but it looks awesome 8D

I really like the blue and purple lights over their white shirts, it kind of reminds me of the colors in Girls' Generation's "Mr.Mr." photos and music video. There isn't much information about their new mini album's concept, but they will be promoting as EXO-K and EXO-M in Korea and China again. This time they partnered up with Samsung Music, so the app's subscribers has a chance to win tickets to their showcase from April 1-9. So lucky... Even if I win, I can't go :( Also, their show "EXO Comeback Show" can be watched live through the Samsung Music app on April 15.

So far, only four member's photos has been released. The photos look more like from magazine cover shoots - i love the high contrast. Interestingly, the member's photos interchanged from black and white with a colored reflection, or sharp with a blurred reflection. The mysterious expressions and moods along with the vignette edges really draws me in (well their handsome face is the main magnetic force...)

Unlike previous concepts where they all had coordinating outfits, it seems like half has the white suit outfit, and the other two had street style which makes me more curious what their concept will be like. What do you guys think of their teasers? Who are you looking forward to see for the next set? For me, since my top 3 is Tao, Luhan and Kris, I'm hoping Kris is next ;)


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