{ 166 Houndstooth } Black, White & Red - JCYstyle

Going out with friends for a nice Restaurant Week lunch date calls for a cute ensemble. I pulled out a gathered, classic black & white houndstooth print dress. To make the outfit pop, I added a red belt with gold arrow details, and a matching red handbag. Black, white and red is always a classic and winning color combination!
My first #JCYstyle #10seclookbook! Take a classic black & white outfit and add a hint of red to mix it up! More photos and info on my blog post http://bit.ly/166houndstooth
I had so much fun with the outfit, I decided to do a small 10 seconds lookbook for it. This started off my idea of #JCYstyle - for outfits that don't make my cut of a whole YouTube lookbook, I will try to do a #10secLookbook on instagram and blog. So you can see the outfit in action and how it moves, rather than just still in a photo. Stay tune and follow me on bloglovin' to see more :D

Since the dress was already busy with the pattern and the bow across the bust, I kept the makeup and jewelry simple - a nice bold red lips, a simple Givenchy necklace, and a cute YSL charm bracelet. And finishing off with my favorite Payless black flats with gold toe.

Dress - Forever 21 
(similar pattern one, two but both have more interesting back!)
Belt - Wet Seal (similar one, two)
Bag - Korean Boutique (similar)
Flats - Payless
Necklace - Givenchy
Bracelet - YSL Charm Bracelet

A found a cute bear statue, though my boyfriend thinks its garbge bag bear -_-

Follow me on my journey of fashion & beauty as I open the door to new ideas :)


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