Noble & Heart NYFW Presentation 2014

NYFW kicked off last Wednesday! I was asked by Fashion Avenue News Magazine to help cover Noble & Heart's NYFW Presentation at 128 Flat. I happily agreed as I love photography & fashion~ When we arrived, the director Cristina greeted us with a warm smile and handshake, encouraging us to browse around her creations. They also offered delicious lemonade and sweets!

Me & the creator/director of Heart & Noble, Cristina Gabriele
Photo credit to Jovany Grande

What I love about Heart & Noble Presentation is that their design aesthetics - modern, simple and unique. They spent their time pasting post its all over the walls to help pop out her designs. Not only was the interior design carefully thought out, the staff's ensemble was also thoroughly coordinated. Each had a different look, but were well coordinated - clean silhouettes with cutouts and asymmetric details.

The designs were really interesting - each piece was very different from the other. The raindrop shapes were connected together in different forms to form bracelets, necklaces and rings. It's simple, but make a great statement piece to any outfit. Check out more on their site Heart & Noble! More photos from this presentation up on my Flickr.

Selfie with the cool designs! Outfit post coming soon.

Loved their lighting!


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