{ Beach Leopard } Sexy Maxi Dress

Apparently I'm a professional dress thrower :P
Beach bunnies are girls who love spending a lot of time on the beach. But why bunnies? Why not leopards? :P Sorry, I just love the cat family.

{ beach leopard } sexy leopard dress for my #jcystyle #10seclookbook ! More photos and info up on the blog http://bit.ly/beachleopardx

I love listening to the songs of the waves. So recently, I went with three photographers in my m-slit leopard print maxi dress. I'll admit, I mainly bought the dress because it reminded me of HyunA's dress in Troublemaker's debut MV.

Of course I can't find the exact same dress, and even if I did I bet it was super expensive and out of my price range T_T I just loved the length and animal print! Instead, I got this open back maxi dress that I could wear my strappy bra. What I love about m-slits is that it's so flowy!! Though sometimes have to watch out I don't expose myself. However, I loved that this dress had built in shorts, so I didn't really have to worry about wardrobe malfunctions on the lower portion. The top portion is another story, it moves around a bit :X The shorts causes problems going to the bathroom though hahahha. That's why I don't wear rompers.

I love the location they chose, it overseas the bridge and we were lucky - it was a nice cloudy day. Perfect lighting, and perfect backdrop of city x nature. There were so many the photographer, Alvin Lim Soh, took that I loved, but I narrowed down to these 10 as my favorites. He was really good with lighting, and capturing angles to elongate my legs. Who doesn't love longer legs? ;) 


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