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Who says you can't dress cute for a rainy day? There are so many options for rainboots now, each one showing off your personality. Since I love intimate apparel, I of course chose one with lace up detail. To add a bit of the city girl touch (because everyone knows I loveee the rush of the city, I don't think I can live in suburbs), I wore these skyline tights. It's sooo cute.

All this dreary weather recently really calls for more happy photos :) So I'm not as serious in these shots or my little #10seclookbook. Can't be grumpy all the time like Grumpy Cat right!?

Jacket - Korean Boutique (Similar one, two, three)
Dress - Korean Boutique (Similar one, two, three)
Leopard Scarf (Similar one, two, three)
Tights - ASOS
Rainboots - DAV (Similar one, two)
Crossbody - Forever 21 (Similar one, two, three)


It can get real chilly on a rainy day, so be sure to keep warm with a latte. Green tea latte is my favorite! I usually don't wear green, but I love the military / olive color for autumn. It's so rich and dark, but if paired correctly can be sophisticated as well.

Under my olive trench, I wore a black lace flared dress to give it an a-line silhouette, the buckled belt helped create more shape. To balance out the blacks and greens, I cut apart my leopard circle scarf to use as a drape over the collar. Of course, lovely images by my talented, good friend Daniel Zuchnik. Although that headshot of me was taken just as a test, I loveee how he captured the golden hour glow. I'll try my best to update my blog more often! I work as a photographer and assistant stylist now so I get so tired when I'm home. Working on my new video, so be sure to check out my YouTube :)


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