{ bold blue } cropped sweater, flared skirt, fox tail

Make a statement by using bold colors! I love this bright blue, which pops against the black pieces in my outfit. Bright hues are especially great to bring up the mood in the recent gloomy weather. It's the perfect look for a brunch date with my sister.

For a cute and fun look, I paired this cropped cable knit sweater with a flared skirt. I love the texture on this sweater; it's simple, but has a beautiful weave to it. For a slimming look, choose a paneled flared skirt over gathered at the waistband type. The gathered type can look too bulky at times and make you wider than you are! This hugs your curves then flares out for a more flattering silhouette.

To tie in with my signature look, I threw on my favorite faux garter print tights, and faux fur foxtail. It's such a cute accessory for the winter! Just be sure to choose a more neutral color like browns or grays so it matches with more looks. I used to have a pink one, and I could barely use it!

I bought my sweater on sale from Express, and here's similar sweaters to recreate this look! Similar one two, Darker version one two, Longer one. Don't forget a fox tail accessory for the Forever21 bag (other envelope bags with similar flap design onetwo).


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