{ salt & pepper } faux fur, faux garters

Ever since I can remember loving fashion, I have loved loved loved faux fur (save an animal!!) and garters (blame my passion for lingerie designs). On my "Ikea date" with Grace, I threw all those together for a look, playing with different shades of gray.

Sometimes I prefer a faux fur vest over a jacket since it's more slimming and can create layering effect. I wore my black and gray tonal vest over a deep gray bodycon dress, which was so slimming! I used to be afraid of wearing longer length dresses, but now I find it sophisticated yet still sexy. Who says shorter is always better?


Contrasting the thick vest, is my printed on garter tights. Instead of the usual one garter look, this one had two garters and lace print for a a vintage look. Although I usually reach for my faux leather booties, I paired this outfit with my new flat faux pony fur booties. Not only is it easier to walk around the giant Ikea with, the matte, dark blackness of it elongated my legs more than a faux leather surface would.

Since I wanted my outfit's key points to be the vest and tights, I kept the jewelry minimal. A simple silver bangle embellished by gold details, reflecting the gold in the crystal encrusted earrings.

I was a good girl and only bought Ikea food, a cute bear for my cat's Christmas present, Christmas decorations and a faux fur mat to photograph my makeup items on :) Need to control my spending! And here's me being crazy because of it! JK She was telling me not to laugh but can't help it hahahaha


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