Big Bear Bubble Tea & Crepe Review - Mango Sticky Rice Caramel Soft Crepe & Best Seller Drinks

Katherine and I returned to Big Bear Bubble Tea & Crepe to try out their new product. Japanese style soft crepe with your choice of whipped cream is their newest addition to the menu.

As our waitress Jessie made the crepe, the fragrant crepe batter filled the room, making us anticipate it even more.

Have you ever tried a sensual dessert crepe? The featured item, mango sticky rice with caramel crepe, invites you in with its sweet scent. . On the first bite it plays with your taste buds with different flavors and textures. Thai sticky rice, salty crushed almonds, sweet caramel and tangy mango pieces brought together by the fluffy light whip cream.

Our final verdict? Really good and addicting!!!

This time, we decided to try their best selling drinks. Their signature tea, big bear is a aromatic slightly sweetened black milk tea. There is a slight bitter after taste, but it's more about having authentic tea flavor than bitter.

One of their best seller and staff recommended was the cold taro drink, like the honey milk it tasted exactly like it's name. I got it with no sugar and it was already slightly sweetened.

Although the Elmhurst location is new, it has already become a neighborhood oriented cafe, with customers becoming friends with the helpful staff. We really loved the new soft crepes, and we finished in a blink of an eye. 


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