Caffe Bene Flushing Experience

One of my favorite cafes to go to is the very cozy Caffe Bene in Flushing. I've been there four times and I finally got around to editing photos I took there from last year (haha... so long ago~ But it really makes me miss my long ombre hair T^T).

The interior felt like a wooden cabin, where you can relax with friends after a long hike along Northern Boulevard. There's bookcases with Korean books, which made a great backdrop for me haha. The cushiony seats not only make a great detail, but was comfortable too.

Not only did I like the interior, I really like the food too. I'm a sucker for waffles, pancakes and all similar types of carbs. I usually get their Waffle Sets which comes with balsamic vinaigrette salad, yogurt and jam, as well as baked ricotta. With all the sides, you can mix with the sweet  waffle for combination of flavors. It's very filling and great choice for brunch.

I usually get the matcha latte (what else do I order at coffee shops nowadays?), and even though you can't adjust the sugar content it isn't too sweet.
Guys enjoy the cafe too~
One of my favorite sweater and tights~ I bought multiples of both just in case haha :P
I like how the whole cafe including their exterior goes with their image of a cabin. The outside has wooden floored terrace with black lamps. It's great for photos haha~ And no I'm not cold since that was back in summer (in case people think I took these recently).

But I'll definitely be going back for a video review soon. So subscribe to my Youtube channel to catch it when it comes out. It'll be more detailed about their interior and food! :D


  1. The atmosphere looks really cozy in there! I'm glad these aren't recent pics - you'd be too cold! lol



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