{ Girls' Generation 소녀시대 'Mr.Mr.' Inspired Makeup & Outfit } Lookbook

As any Girls' Generation fan, I was super excited when teasers were released for their new MV "Mr.Mr.". Of course the data loss that pushed back their release date had us all impatiently anticipating for the comeback. Finally out, I'm super addicted to the catchy hit.

Not only do I love the song, I love love love their outfits and makeup. Their looks ranged from casual, everyday wear, to glamorous evening looks. With MichelleTaichou's suggestion of filming a lookbook (since I have enough clothes to open my own Forever21 :P), we both decided I should try a "Mr.Mr." inspired lookbook. It works out as I was going to film a makeup tutorial anyways (coming soon, be sure to subscribe to be see it).

I asked my boyfriend, AXL Photography, to help me film it and we did it all in one day. Thanks to my boyfriend, Sandy Chen and evowendy for lending me some clothes/accessories! Also to my bestie Katherine for her input. Girls' Generation Mr.Mr. remix from Xulikken.

My video isn't exactly the typical lookbook video, but more to highlight key points of their looks. Mainly, BIG accessories such as earrings, necklaces, and rings. For clothes wise, they had both feminine and masculine looks. (I do not own the SNSD photos, those are owned by SM Entertainment)

I noticed they used two opposite styles of feminine looks. For the lace overlay clothing style, I wore a Victoria's Secret corset (from about 2 years ago) over a blouse. You can achieve this with any lace overlay corset (check Bloomingdales and Macys in stores as I couldn't find any similar ones online). Be sure to wear big necklace and earrings, you want to look as glamorous as you can ;)

Wear a lace overlay dress, and make your own Tiffany's style lace chocker like I did, by measuring my neck to cut lace to the length plus a little extra. Overlap the edges and sew hook and eye for closure. Add a jewel to the front for finishing touches. Since she had a lot going on already, use a simple but big rhinestone stud earrings. Pucker your lips with pink ombre.

The MV also featured clean and polished lines, such as the white tank, black dress and leather collar look. Since I didn't have a similar dress, I opted for a high waisted skirt over a tank and leather collar. Add a vine looking earring, jewel rings and sexy red lips for Seohyun's look. Switch your day into a night out look by keeping your sexy lip color and jewel rings, but wear an alluring red sequin dress and gold pumps like Tiffany.

Throw on your boyfriend's shirt, tie and fedora hat for a strong look. Finish it up with layering vests and jacket, and a combat boots. To be even more casual, keep the hat but switch up the top to a boyfriend tee tucked into your jeans like Taeyeon. Want to make it a bit more girly, wear a simple gray tank and throw on a furry white jacket. Instead of the traditional bracelet, wear a gem one around your palm rather than your wrist like Jessica.

Since I mainly wanted to focus on the makeup and accessories, many of the clothes were bought from long ago so no longer is in stores. However, here are almost all the links (includes the makeup I used) to what is still available. Almost all jewelry is from Forever21 or bought in Asia. However, many of the F21 are not in stock online anymore, so you will have to check in stores for it, and some were purchased long ago :/ Some clothing were lent to me. My next video, I will try to use more recent clothing if I'm not doing an inspired lookbook. Additional links and notes here

Red Dress I wore here
This one is more like Tiffany's here
Another option here

Red Dior Lipstick from Sephora
*note: I used Dolce Vita, but I don't see it in any stores.

Hat I used here
Hat that is more like their's here


  1. I was so excited to see how you pulled off all these different outfits! I think a lot of girls want to dress like an idol at least once in their lives but it's hard to actually wear some of their outfits ^^; lol Thanks for the links and tips - the Luvocracy site is really easy to browse through!
    I can't wait for your makeup tutorial =D

  2. lol I was so excited I forgot to talk about the accessories XD Thanks for showing how to wear the accessories for each style! It looks like I'm gonna do more shopping for the spring ;P



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